The Collection 

On Carnival night volunteer collectors come to represent a number of different charities and organisations. At the end of each carnival (after the money has been coated) they are able to take a percentage of their own collection back to their chosen charity (usually 60% assuming the volunteer helps count the money). The remainder of the collection goes initially towards paying prize and appearance money to our entries with any remainder going towards covering the costs of running the event.

2019 was a record collection year where we raised £12,245.16. This was up significantly on 2016 when we raised £10,464.01 of which £4,803.82 went to charities and £5,725.00 went to the clubs who built the carts (the shortfall is made up though sponsorship of the event and fundraising throughout the year). The more you give the higher the percentage we are able to give to the carnival charities.


It is my job to raise enough money on the night of carnival to ensure we can continue to hold this great event and support local groups and charities with their fundraising. We at Carnival HQ believe that the South West Carnivals are amongst the most unique and best free illuminated shows in the world and we volunteer our time for free to bring you these events. But although Carnival is free at the point of entertainment, it is certainly not a free event to hold. Insurance, licensing, overheads and essential equipment cost thousands every year, not to mention prize money and a donation to every entry in the procession for taking part. Also the amount we donate to our charities/local groups is offered on a percentage basis of what they collect, so the more you give, the more they receive.

Annalee, Collection Convener for HBOS Carnival

Our carnival is proud to support our community and without your help, we would not be able to put on such a spectacular event 

A collection is also taken during the town firework display on the Sunday night, this is a separate collection taken by the Rotary Club.